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It’s been quite a while since I shared some of my work wardrobe photos (see here) and I’ve stocked up on new pieces since then, so it’s time to share a couple of them!

Remember, I don’t work in a corporate environment, or a classic women’s fashion retail store – I manage a lovely little women’s activewear store, so my work wardrobe will most likely be very different to yours. (And often, I’m jealous of you fabulous fancy-frock wearers. Except when I’m sleepy and cold and get to wear tracksuit pants and sneakers to work. Cosy!)

I just bought these beautifully soft cotton navy Trinity casual pants, and teamed them with a long-sleeve red tee from last Winter’s collection, a Summery print scarf and navy flats.
Lorna Jane casual full-length pants and long-sleeve tee; Sussan scarf; Trenery flats
I tried the same pants a few days later (and oh my gosh, these washed up so beautifully and only got softer!) with a more nautical twist – a stripe tee and classic white sneakers.
Lorna Jane casual full-length pants, tank and long-sleeve tee; Converse sneakers

This turquoise jacket was a favourite from the minute I unpacked it instore! While I’ve worn it with black, white and pink on different occasions, it was a bit fun to pair it with neon orange.

Lorna Jane tights, tank and jacket; Witchery flats

Notice something fab about that last photo (apart from the fact that I washed my hair)? I have a new phone cover! My lovely LOVELY husband surprised me with a new iPhone 5 and iPad Air last week, and I have been loving them! Faster photo-taking, sleeker design, and the opportunity to buy new gadget accessories? Yes please!

The Dairy iPhone 5 cover – Thanks so much to Cam and the great Dairy team for the fantastic service, and for honouring my very-expired gift voucher!
This super-pretty watercolour pineapple design is the brainchild of Britt Laspina, a gorgeous Brisbane-based artist and designer whose prints can be found on every thing from phone cases to high-end fashion. I love that the pineapples aren’t in-your-face bold, but are still sweet and eyecatching! Also, please know that The Dairy has possibly the best customer service I’ve ever received from an online store. The best. They are not paying me to say this, in fact, I’d be surprised if Cam even remembers me, he was just so genuinely helpful that I’m sure he’s like that day in, day out. But seriously, if you need some sort of tech accessory, give this great little Aussie company your business, you won’t be sorry. 
Quite clearly I am now saving for these divine Britt Laspina cushions.

Do you wear workout clothes outside of the gym? How do you dress yours up a little?

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  1. What a fab Husband you have! I think workout clothes do have a place outside of the gym or workplace (in your case). I've just recently posted an entry on my blog about it…apparently the opposite sex find it alluring! You have a very cute wardrobe! x

  2. Isn't it great to go to work in clothes that are comfy. I don't do workout wear as such but I wear a lot of tshirt dresses and leggings, for the comfort and easy breastfeeding access. Jo xx

  3. You look gorgeous! I don't wear gym clothes outside of my workout. Oh, wait that's a lie…I have a great pair of New Balance pants I have worn a few different ways. I love you merging your wardrobes. Rachel x

  4. Ummmm all the time! I live in workout clothes…goes with the job I guess. It's so good how more and more labels are working on that "from the gym to coffee" kinda look!

  5. I totally adore your workout wardrobe. This post was very inspirational for me. Actually too want to learn yoga and think that nothing can motivate me to start practicing that rather than a cool and trendy pair of designer workout gear. Will surely buy patterned ones from some online store.

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