Weekend reading

1. How to make a painted canvas quote (I want do do one in beautiful blues and greens for our bedroom)

3. Discover a grown-up way to wear pom-poms (really!)
4. Host a fabulous dinner party that will have all your guests talking (and keep you really relaxed)!

5. Wear a party dress which will remind you of fairy bread

6. Find out where real perfume addicts should be living, and why

7. Consider working your social media savvy in the real world. With real people. Over drinks.

8. Finding the perfect new-season white shirt for you

9. Bake a chocolate and beetroot cake (and feel free to drop a largish taste-test slice off at my workplace, please and thank you)

10. And finally, style your workout wardrobe pieces into everyday casual outfits

Have a beautiful weekend,

0 thoughts on “Weekend reading

  1. That made an awesome read Katy! Loved the canvas idea, the DIY bug has bit me of late, and I'm forever on the lookout for easy n cute ideas. This one is top on list now. 🙂

    Drop by at my space when tym allows. 🙂

    Remya(new reader via Trainee Mama)

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