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While you’re enjoying a relaxing start to the weekend, I’m probably up and showered, annoying BB and saying ‘Come onnnn,’ while getting dressed to explore Melbourne.
You see, we’re visiting Melbourne for a trip with clients, and I want to make the most of all the croissant, coffee and shopping time that I possibly can! Feel free to send me awesome Melbourne food, drink and shopping suggestions on my Instagram or Twitter if you’re in the know!
Until I get back to Queensland, suitcases overflowing (I hope!), here are some weekend reads for you to enjoy.

1. Bring on Summer and bring on Sangria, I say!

2. Read about one of my favourite places (tropical North Queensland) in a lovely blog post written by one of my favourite friends

3. We all want to be the ultimate flower-child, Drew Barrymore, right? Well, now we can at least smell like her. (And for your daily laugh, check out Drew and Jimmy Fallon playing Russian Roulette with Drew’s cosmetics range!)

4. Work smarter on Twitter with Sarah Von Bargen’s tips to connect with the people you admire

5. Don’t even try to pretend that you don’t act like this… every single time you go for a manicure.

6. Bake these delicious strawberry and basil muffins for a high tea (or for me)

7. Let your kid-imagination play with this super-cool kid’s room makeover (the kid is super-cool too, he’s my bestie’s adorable little boy)

8. Get crazy-jealous and plan your dream holiday in Sardinia

9. Dine on some pretty fancy dinnerware, these locally-made pieces by Noosa ceramicist Elke Lucas just scream ‘posh high tea’ at me!

10. And while you’re thinking entertaining… who else plays ‘the dinner party game’, planning your ultimate dinner party guests?

0 thoughts on “Weekend reading

  1. Hi Katy, I love these miscellaneous posts – they keep the flow of interest high. I also love the muffins recipe and will be adding it to my baking regime this weekend. One of my very favourite meals as a young adult was at a local Italian restaurant: fettuccine with chicken thighs, strawberries, basil and cream. Oh WOW, I can still taste it now. I spent a lot of my first wage on that meal.

    I've been loving up the Elke Lucas range too, beautiful work – you can't go wrong with spots and dots if you ask me. I've got a great Pinterest board dedicated to Ceramics http://www.pinterest.com/xpeacex/c-e-r-a-m-i-c-s

    Enjoy Melbourne, I'll be waiting on Insta for your food pics.


  2. What an amazing meal to have in your memory bank – I've never heard of chicken served with strawberries and basil, but might have to ask Claire to see if she can create a recipe for me!

    I honestly didn't eat as much as I'd planned in Melbourne (although I certainly drank all the wine), it was too whirlwind a trip to slow down and enjoy some delicious fancy food!

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