The ‘when’ of blogging

I adore reading regular blog posts. There are a handful of people who I eagerly check to see what’s new in their world, and then there are a bunch of other lovely writers whose posts I save and read when I get the chance.

Most of the blogs I love are published regularly. Some three times a week, some four… and a few even write daily! I can’t commit to that. Well, I actually could but I choose not to. This time around in the blogosphere, with this nice new shiny blog space of mine, I’m doing it more for me, than for you, more than for the brands I’m working with, and more than for any sense of duty or desire to gain a gigantic readership base. (Although, if you’re here, stick around and read a little. I think you’ll like it.)

I have a few draft posts in the works at any given time, but they come a distant second to rest and recuperation time, and time with my (often-absent) husband. We’re about to celebrate our second wedding anniversary (hurrah hurrah!) this weekend, and because I’m lucky enough to have married my best friend and favourite person in the world, hanging with him is always what I want to do more than sitting in front of my computer or on my iPad.

Gratuitous wedding photo. Almost two years, you guys!

So whilst BB is able to come home from work every night to me, instead of spending his evenings in cruddy motels in regional QLD, the blog posts won’t be as frequent. I’m sure you’ll all be fine with that, because I sure am.
I’ve got cool stuff and random style blog posts in my head that I want to share with you all, but we’ll get there. Plus, I think I’ve finally mastered the art of curling my hair with a straightener, and I kinda want to boast about it to you all! Soon.
Any time I’m on the computer whilst he’s around is generally spent reading and commenting on lovely blogs, and checking travel websites because HOLIDAY. Yup, we’re headed away for a mini-break next weekend, and then in mid-May, it’s cruise time! The kaftan collection is coming together nicely, and I’ve spotted Dove Gradual Tanner on special at Big W, so that’s pretty much my holiday preparation sorted.
Now to write a few blog posts to schedule for my absences. Sigh.

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