The Little Things

Right now, I am so in love with Winter. This doesn’t happen often during the whole season. Usually I’ll get one or two good weeks out of Winter before getting really. REALLY. OVER. IT.  I’ve told you all before, I’m not a cold-weather person.

One of the little things that is making the transition to cooler weather easier is the sweet, sweet scent of eucalyptus wool wash. Seriously.

Earth Choice Wool and Delicates Wash. Smells like FRESH.

I have always used wool wash on my, well… woollies; but when BB and I bought a bunch of beautiful new Sheridan bath towels during Myer’s massive sale late last year, the lovely salewoman recommended that we wash them in wool wash. And now I’m addicted. Anything that gives me comfort and cosiness (blankets, sheets, doona covers, sweaters, leggings and socks) now gets washed in wool wash. I’m loving this Earth Choice Wool and Delicates Wash right now, it smells clean and crisp and is usually available for around $2 at Woolworths.

How about a handmade mini marquee light? Now THAT makes me happy. I don’t have one (yet), but these gorgeous little marquee lights are high on my list of fabulous things for the home!

Bit adorable, eh? Fromage La Rue miniature marquee light.

The clever kids at Fromage La Rue were the first Aussie designers to create classic marquee letter and symbol lights, and they’ve now branched out into a smaller-size collection, called the Petite Vegas Boneyard range. Surely that cool name is all you need to put a smile on your dial!

These 30cm high statement pieces will be sure to sell out quickly, so the biggest problem might be choosing which one I want – I’ve been trying to decide for an hour now! I love the heart, it’s sweet and lovely; but the cloud… surely it’s the perfect nightlight?!

Follow Fromage La Rue on Instagram too, they really have a super-cute feed!

Last, but not least today… I’ve discovered my new favourite makeup primer. Arbonne Makeup Primer is the business. I have always struggled with putting lovely, expensive, high-quality foundation on my face, then checking out my foundation-less reflection in the mirror an hour later. For some reason, when I slap on my slap, it slides right off, no matter the primer I use. 
But not any more, hurrah! I tried the Arbonne Makeup Primer for a week, and adding this silky layer both helped smooth and fill my pores, and meant that I didn’t need to touch up my face once during the day at work. That said, I’m not sure whether it would last distance during the sleek slickness of Summer, but I’m definitely going to give it a try. I received my Arbonne samples courtesy of a local Arbonne consultant, Victoria.
So far, this is the only primer I’ve found that works. Fingers crossed that it can do the job during Summer too!
Anyone else found an amazing primer lately? Some sort of bricklaying grout to help your foundation stay put? Any and all suggestions are gratefully appreciated.

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