The dinner party game

Do you ever play the dinner party game?

You know, the one where you try and decide who you’d invite to your ultimate dinner party, and it can be anyone at all, either living or dead?

You get seven seats, and you have to fill them with people who you’d just LOVE to meet at a dinner party. And extra points for trickiness if you manage to sort out a seating plan!

My list can change daily, but today, the lucky invitees are as follows:

  • David Attenborough (because AWESOME)
  • Bill Bryson (my all-time favourite non-fiction author)
  • Tim McGraw & Faith Hill
  • Jennifer Aniston (hair tips, please!)
  • Robert Downey Junior (because BEAUTIFUL)
  • and my husband, because I’d want to talk about it every day for the rest of my life with him!

Can you whittle it down to just seven guests? And what would you serve?!

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