Test driving the new Hyundai Tucson

Although I’m in my (ahem) mid-thirties, I’ve not been driving that long. I only got my license when I was 28, prior to that I was the quintessential public transport and taxi queen. I just wish Uber existed back then!

My first car was a small second-hand hatchback and while I loved her, I always knew I needed to get a proper grown-up car. My husband encouraged me to ‘size up’ and we shopped around for a car which looked cute (my priority) and was safe, fuel-efficient and drove well (his priorities)! We ended up at Sunco Hyundai at Maroochydore and chose a Hyundai ix35, at the time one of the most popular SUVs in its class, and it has served me incredibly well for three years now.

As an already happy Hyundai customer, I was thrilled when the sales team from Sunco Hyundai gave me the chance to test drive the new Tucson recently – how lucky am I? I promise I told them that I’m not a revhead car buff, and any review I shared wouldn’t be as comprehensive or informative as a CarsGuide article!

I would be lying if how cute a car is didn’t make up 90% of my opinion of it! 

Whilst I love my ix35, there’s certainly something awesome about stepping into the newer version – this year’s Hyundai Tucson is like my current car, but luxe. From the moment I collected the Tucson and got the full tour of how all the great gadgets worked, driving this vehicle felt like an experience, instead a ‘daily drive’.

On top of the standard features which you can read about here, the Elite Tucson model comes with extras that I just love, such as a panoramic sunroof, full leather interior, large multi-function screen and reversing camera.

Reversing cameras… how did we ever live without them? This colour screen is a fantastic size.

Yeah, this stuff doesn’t matter so much to me, but my husband loves that he can track fuel economy really easily using the Mode button on the steering wheel. Me, I just like knowing how many kms until my petrol tank is empty. #livingontheedge

Hello soft sumptuous leather. 
All the boot room I could possibly need for a weekend full of shopping!

The 60/40 split-fold back seats can give even more room than the spacious boot provides, and I know from personal experience with my ix35, the removable roller blind over the cargo bay keeps everything right where you put it, and shields shopping and luggage from prying eyes. 

Apparently the Tucson is a five-star ANCAP recipient – that means safety first, folks. Again, that’s husbo was interested in, and I’m sure if you were a mum carting precious little ones around, that would be important to you too.

For more on the new Hyundai Tucson, visit Sunco Hyundai’s website. Thanks to Ky, Collin, Leah and the Sunco team for the opportunity to take it for a spin!

*Sunco Hyundai kindly loaned me this vehicle. Like everything you’ll find on Katy Potaty, thoughts and opinions are all my own. For more info, check out my disclosure policy. Please check the suppliers’ website for car specs.

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  1. Love the new Tucson, I'm currently researching all the other SUVs in the class for husband, but know we'll end up getting another Hyundai, they're awesome! We're in Brisbane, so might pop up to Sunco to see what they've got!
    Belinda xxx

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