Summer ready skin with Brazilian Beauty Currimundi

As the seasons turn and we head into the glorious warmer months, my spirits are lifted and I’m feeling pumped up for Summer. My skin however… not so much. I’m notoriously bad at looking after my skin, even though I’m well-educated on the importance of caring for my body’s largest organ. In my younger years, whilst working on different cosmetics counters at David Jones and Myer, I even had the opportunity to learn from some of Australia’s best facialists, yet I still don’t regularly use good quality eye cream or moisturiser.

That should do right? A couple of fancy-schmancy skincare products are all you need for healthy, glowing skin. Nope. While quality skincare shouldn’t be underestimated, great skin is a result of homecare combined with regular salon treatments. You can cleanse and scrub all you like, but only the professionals can really get to and treat the source of your skin concerns.

Ugh. Brutally close photo of my skin before I left for my salon visit that morning. Dry patches of flaky skin on my forehead and cheeks (where I cop the most sun), enlarged pores everywhere, and a very oily t-section. Deep smile lines (too deep, if you ask me), and some hormonal pimples for good measure.
So when my skin feels dry and flat after a Winter of indoor heating and outdoor wind (I blame my work in retail and at a school sports department), it’s time to bring out the big guns. And by big guns, I mean a customised Detox Facial* at the new Brazilian Beauty salon at Currimundi on the Sunshine Coast.

This fresh new skin clinic and beauty salon is part of Queensland’s most well-known chains of beauty salons, and I was dying to book a visit as soon as I heard that franchisee Josie Paton was finally opening the first Brazilian Beauty on the Coast.

Josie Paton, owner of the newest Brazilian Beauty salon (and the first on the Sunshine Coast). Keep an eye out on the blog over the next week as I share a bit more about Josie.
After an initial skin scan, popping my face into a nice little dark cave whilst skincare guru Genna had a look under UV light, I was told that my skin was pretty good for a Queenslander (yup, I guess this means us banana-benders generally have pretty damaged skin… oops). Genna then settled me into a lovely fresh treatment room, dimmed the lights and worked her magic. I love when I’m asked about my preferred massage pressure, and Genna got my request for ‘hard, but relaxing‘ just right.
My skin got a much-needed deep cleanse using leading cosmeceutical skincare brand Australian Skin Institute (preservative-free, hurrah!), and my congestion and dead, dry skin cells were bid goodbye with lovely clean-smelling products.
But that’s not all… more glorious massaging (scalp, decolletage, arms, hands and feet!), a customised face mask massaged on beautifully, before Genna finished off by applying the ASI Good Night Serum, a highly concentrated delivery of Vitamin C to leave my skin absolutely glowing. With results this good, it’s no wonder Genna has fast become renowned for offering one of the best facials in town.
My salon visit was completed with Youngblood Mineral products applied to make me over and send me out for the day looking fresh and fabulous.
Facialist extraordinaire Genna of Brazilian Beauty Currimundi
Now, I’m really no good at photographing myself receiving a facial (that whole eyes-closed relaxing thing gets in the way), so there isn’t much point in me sharing photos. What I can share however, is that my skin felt incredibly plump and healthy. 
I’ve said this before, but I think 34 is the age at which I get serious about committing to a good skincare regime, which includes in-salon facials. They can pump up the moisture levels in your skin way beyond what you can get at home; and it’s these elevated products applied consistently that really give good skin.

Whether you’ve got all day to spare or just need a quick refresh and cleanse, it’s definitely worth checking out Brazilian Beauty Currimundi to get on track for great Summer skin!

*I was a guest of Brazilian Beauty Currimundi. I was not paid to write this post; I just loved the experience a LOT and am happy to share the good vibes.

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