Stretching it out – my 34th birthday festival

There are so many benefits to a belated birthday celebration. I don’t know about you, but I always feel very pressured and overwhelmed when I have to see all my loved ones (family, friends, colleagues, etc) in one day. It’s intense and there’s a lot of expectation on the birthday girl to be ‘on’ all day long, and be sweet and appreciative.

Honestly, it’s hard for me, and it’s a horrid feeling being ungrateful and wanting to just be alone or curled up on the couch with my husband while everyone has already decided that you’re going to have a great and super-social day… which brings me to the awesomeness of having belated birthday celebrations with family and at workplaces.

My birthday is right smack in the middle of July, which means that I was mighty surprised on the 17th of JUNE when my colleagues at school started singing Happy Birthday one lunch time in the staff room, and brought out cake, lollies and cinnamon scrolls! Turns out my boss (who basically hired me to organise him better, haha!) had incorrectly told the team it was my birthday and put the girls to work making me a spread of sweet treats. There was even a double layer chocolate cake with blue cream, chocolate frosting and popping candy on top!

A very merry un-birthday, indeed!

Fast forward to mid-July, and after this very surprising and early start to the birthday celebrations, I was lucky enough to have the actual day off work with my husband and we spent a very relaxing day together – with a surprise flower delivery YAY – and dinner out at a special restaurant that we love visiting for fancy occasions.

I received the prettiest Columbian roses from BB

A stroll with BB and Stevie down to the park and lake was perfect for a quiet birthday afternoon.

My mother-in-law’s floral-giving game is strong!
Cheers to 34 – it’s going to be an amazing year!

The day after my birthday I worked at school, and the team outdid themselves again, providing MORE sugar in the form of a donut cake and lollies. Here in the Health and Physical Ed department, we are all for upending the healthy food pyramid!

The Sports Department really does shine when it comes to providing excessive quantities of sugar. We’re all about healthy living here, folks!

I was spoilt with birthday messages from my Lorna Jane colleagues all week, then when I finally worked there after 12 days away… the girls threw me a mini-party. I figured that since I was going to be scoring awesome presents (and yes, I knew beforehand that they’d go the easy option and choose something pineapple-ish), I should provide a cake. And not just any cake, but a very MNB cake.

Stripes and sweets with my adorable LJ girls xox

I had an Orgran chocolate cake mix floating around the pantry and after reading the ingredient list, I knew it would be perfect for a team of health-conscious young women who are all about finding balance between green smoothies and salted caramel macarons.

I whipped it up late the night before, and it was as easy as a packet cake mix can be. There were instructions for both regular and vegan (egg-free) versions of the cake. I’m all about protein and taste, so I went for the add-egg option.

Even the mixing bowl was smiling at me for my birthday!

Gluten free, 97% fat free, dairy free, yeast free, egg free and can be made suitable for vegans.

The cake was a hit at work with the bliss-ball-loving crew, and even me (the sweetest tooth of them all) enjoyed a nice big wedge.
The best part of my birthday is that it’s not even over yet! I’ve still got gorgeous friends to catch up with to celebrate, and there will surely be more wine and treats on the cards.
Do you like to stretch a birthday celebration out, or get it over and done with quickly?

0 thoughts on “Stretching it out – my 34th birthday festival

  1. Yes, we need to celebrate your coming of age!

    And I won't lie. I could have told you that your present is currently in postage transit but truth is that I haven't even thought about what to get such a stylish 34 year old. Watch this space xx

  2. Oh my stars, no, I love to stretch out a birthday celebration! I would quite happily have a birthday month if I could convince my husband that I deserve it! I'm at the beginning of the month and my daughter is at the end – she is just getting old enough to understand birthdays now, so I'm sure she will soon demand a birthday month of her own (I may need to allocate myself a proxy month then!)

    Happy birthday!

  3. Happy Birthday! I love the Ogran mix, I'll have to check it out. I love all the flowers you were given, and you look so happy. x

  4. I have a 'birthday week', although it has been somewhat disappointing for the past few years, with me left wailing "But it's my BIRTHDAY WEEK!" I just love having that time where it's all about me before returning to the norm of being just mum and not being the center of attention (which I enjoy too). Looks like you've had a birthday to remember! I hope your continued celebrations are just as good as what's come before!

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