Some people are so clever…

Can we please just take a weekday moment to think about the creative geniuses out there?

Last week, I wrote a little Q&A post and nominated a few bloggers that I admire to write their own. Well, Sarah of TOMFO went one better. She didn’t just answer my questions, she answered them in old-school fortune teller form. Seriously!

(you can actually print these babies for yourself and use them for whatever you want. Cool, huh?)

I’d like us all to raise our glass, our morning cuppa, or whatever you have at hand to say Well Done Sarah. Because sometimes people need to know how awesome they are, especially when it’s something they take for granted (like their supreme design skillz). 
Head over here to read my original post (there’s a tiny little giveaway at the end, I’ll be drawing it this weekend… so hurry), and go visit Sarah’s fantastic blog here (she’s got plenty of delish recipes and cute printables and all sorts of inspiration).

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  1. Oh Katy thank you soooo much, you just made my evening. I'm tucked up in bed after a conference at Pro Blogger and found your gorgeous write up about me. I'm truly humbled and stoked that you have written this I loved answering your questions and thanks again for nominating me. Just when I thought no one was even seeing my posts….A thousand virtual hugs x

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