Shades of Grey

I refuse to say that grey is the new black, but I’m really fixated on wearing heaps of grey this Winter. It’s softer and more casual during the day than black, and there are some fantastic brands offering really stylish grey pieces right now.

This is the first pair of grey jeans I’ve owned. I’ve been obsessed with finding a cute grey pair for a few months now, and after trying on what feels like eleventy billion different styles, I finally found the ones that will come home with me.

Katies Garment Dye Jeans, Katies Animal Print belt, Verily Marl Tee, Big W Peter Morrissey necklace, Big W Emerson flats, Nine West leather clutch (similar here)

Jeez, Katy. How about you crack a smile for the photo?

These Katies jeans have a bit of stretch so they’re super-flattering, and after wearing them all day running errands on Monday, I haven’t noticed the knees bagging out or stretching at all.

Right now, I’m loving an all-grey outfit. It’s fun to play with texture and throw on a charcoal tee in the softest viscose/elastane, some bling, and tan leather accessories. I would usually wear black with grey, and I’d usually wear black with tan, so it seems like it’s worth a try matching grey and tan – two neutral colours in a few different shades.

Help me out here, how would you style grey jeans?

(Nothing gifted, nothing sponsored, all my own pieces and opinions. Although I did earn the tee as part of my pretend-modelling gig with the lovely Leonie of Verily – head over to her Facebook page to see more of my supreme model skillz..!)

0 thoughts on “Shades of Grey

  1. Katy Potaty this is ADORABLE! And your hair is soooo amazing! The last photo looks like it's out of Marie Clair! Gorgeous all round! xx

  2. Grey and orange, grey and pink and grey and yellow are winning colour combos in my mind. Grey goes with a lot of colours. I love the brown shoes and leopard print belt to add interest to your outfit. 🙂

  3. I love grey too. Don't you hate that when you have your heart set on having a particular item/style and you can't find it in your price range/size anywhere?! I've been looking for a denim/chambray tunic dress, the only one I could find that I liked was Country Road, at $180 I'm afraid it's a bit out of my budget …

  4. It's always the way, Janet! Make sure you keep looking though, you never know when you'll find the perfect piece at a bargain price. I'll keep my eye out for a chambray shirt dress for you too!

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