Sailing the high seas

I’m not here right now… I know, you can express your disappointment in the comment section below.

I’m sailing the seas on a Pacific cruise with my husband*, and shall be Internet and phone free for twelve whole days. I KNOW. I’m kinda nervous abut it too. I mean, I carry my phone or iPad around the house with me, I check my emails, Facebook and Twitter multiple times a day, and can’t even tell you how often I refresh my Instagram feed. Staying connected is REALLY important to me, and one of the hardest parts of committing to going on this cruise was knowing how disconnected I will be. 
I would like to check in online during the cruise, but a combination of exorbitant wifi costs and the strong desire to see if I can manage the time without connection will most probably prevent that from happening. I certainly don’t hold any misconceptions and don’t for a moment think that the Internet can’t function without me, so please, carry on posting awesomeness… I’ll just check it all out later.

My iPad is coming with me, I’m hoping to write a little (or ideally a lot) whilst we’re away, and will try to keep all photos in chronological order so I can overshare on Instagram when we are back on dry land. You’re welcome.
*Please know that we have both a housesitter and a large, slightly ferocious dog minding our home while we’re away, so don’t get any ideas about raiding the fridge.

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  1. Thanks for the well-wishes; it turns out that we didn't really love the cruise – but it was still great to have time together!

  2. I hope you had such a good time on the cruise. Your pictures on instagram looked amazing. Yay!

    I love switching off now, in fact I crave it. It's so easy to just scroll, hit refresh and check those emails but guess what? They're not going anywhere and can wait a day or too. The world is moving too fast so we need to slow down X

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