New Lou – my gorgeous new Louenhide Switch

Here’s a quick post, purely to show off my new Louenhide Switch bag. And no, it’s not coral.

The very very generous folk at Louenhide discovered that I absolutely love my current Louenhide bags (I have quite a few), and offered me a new bag of my choice. Cue hair-pulling, heartrate-rising stress.
I’m in love with my Baby Switch, but my Barrel and Poppet bags are brilliant too. I seriously mulled this over for too long and confused the issue, so ended up being a greedy-guts and asked for a lovely big Switch – I’ve not actually seen this bag at my local Louenhide stockists, and was curious. 
And how I managed to get past the coral, navy and toffee options to choose something way out of my comfort zone is beyond me,  I definitely can’t explain it. Hello Spearmint, you’re so fresh and sassy.


They’re all so me!
I took this bag out for its first proper spin today, and while I’ll review its practicality later in the week, can I just say that I am such a huge fan. The colour, the strap length, the size… all perfect.
Piper stripe shift dress, Louenhide Switch bag (gifted, and thank you very much),

Dear Louenhide,

Please continue to make excellent accessories. I am thrilled that you are branching into clothes as well, and can’t wait to share news and images of your gorgeous SS14 garment collection here. 

Thank you for giving me this bag, I promise to cherish it and tell everyone that I love it, just as I have with my previous Louenhides. 

Your loyal fan,

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  1. I am swooning over your switch!! Gorgeous in every way. I love Louenhide bags. I have a mint blue one with light brown handles but I can't recall the name. Are they really going into fashion??!! Super excited to hear about that!

  2. Oh my goodness, I LOVE the color of that Lou bag… and Spearmint is the name of its color? How perfect! I would have probably went with a safe color such as the Toffee! lol! That bag looks wonderful, I bet I could fit my DSLR camera in there and a bunch of other goodies! And, your striped dress is adorable, too!

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