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I’m a bit of a creature of habit. For the last 16 years, I’ve been a blonde of sorts – not a real, light-up-the-room Scandi blonde, but I’ve been getting foils and highlights on the regular for almost all my adult life. Right up until October last year, when my regrowth looked so much like bad ombre balayage that I wanted to see what GOOD ombre balayage would look like on me. And I liked the results and I loved the lack of upkeep.

Freshly balayaged in October 2015 for Styling You’s #everydaystyle birthday party
I loved the hair salon which gave me that look, and I was really pleased with the condition of my hair afterwards – it’s like taking a big break from all-over blonde gave my hair a rest and recuperation holiday. 
My biggest issue with my balayage was that it ‘threw warm’. This is my totally untechnical term for the way my mouse-brown hair always has more brassy notes when it’s lightened than cooler, creamier notes. This has the undesired effect of making my hair look dirty (even though I wash it every. damn. day.) and kinda trashy.
The way I dealt with this for the last year was to blonde tone the heck outta it, and hope that I just never had that silver rinse look that Bea and the Golden Girls rocked so well. It wasn’t until July that I finally found a blonde toning range of products that actually worked for my super-porous locks, and now I’m in love with the Marc Daniels Blue Cypress Blonde collection.
After two weeks of regular use of the Marc Daniels Blue Cypress Blonde shampoo, conditioner and toner, my blonde hair was so much creamier. 
My thoughts on the Blue Cypress range? Well, firstly it really worked. I didn’t get that dreaded Violet Beauregarde shade at all, and the condition of my over-processed blonde ends definitely improved after regular use of the leave-in toner. All three of the products smell delicious (think a light Body Shop Dewberry scent, circa 1994 YUM!) and I really only needed to use them sparingly – no palm-sized dollops required just to lather up!
I also had the chance to hit up Marc Daniels Ambassador, Eugene Sokolovs from Gold Coast salon Ette Studio, to find out his top tips for keeping blonde fresh, especially as we head into Summer and all the coastal girls load on the fake tan and lighten our hair!
Eugene recommends using a quality toner on towel dried clean hair, such as Marc Daniels Blue Cypress Blonde leave-in toner to keep blonde in peak condition throughout the warmer months.
The best feature of this time-saving product is that it’s a leave-in treatment!
His biggest do’s and dont’s for blondes?
Regular visits to the hairdresser for colour refresh and cut, wash and condition hair regularly and use a treatment product such as Marc Daniels Blue Cypress Blonde at least once a week.
Blonde ombre and balayage hairstyles are still everywhere, what’s the latest spin on them for this Summer?
Balayage and ombré are still highly in fashion. For SS16, ‘Nude’ hair is popular, where there’s an even amount of warm and cool tones applied which cancel each other out to create a neutral colour.

The leave-in toner is now a hair essential for me – I won’t leave home without it!

The Marc Daniels Blue Cypress Blonde range is available at Woolworths and Chemist Warehouse, and priced super-reasonably at around $13-$14 for each product.

Please, if you have blonde hair care tips, let me know! What do you use to fight the brassiness?

*I was gifted the Marc Daniels Blue Cypress Blonde range, and under no obligation to write about it. I’ve tried it now for 8 weeks, and have been super-impressed. Thanks Marc Daniels!

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  1. I was gifted the Matrix Hello Blondie shampoo and conditioner earlier this year and absolutely loved it. Sadly, it's run out now and I've moved onto a different brand which is not doing it for me, I'll be keeping an eye out for this stuff at Chemist Warehouse though!

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