Local find: the field of glow

When Peta text me to say that she noticed that a field just down the road from my house had excellent photo light at 7 in the morning, my first thought was ‘You can enjoy that without me, love’.  Then I realised it’d been yonks since we’d snapped each other’s outfit photos, and also it would be an excellent opportunity to snuggle Ned in his pyjamas one morning before work. So I said yes.

We arranged our rendezvous early one weekday morning, so Peta was wearing a cute work-appropriate outfit (you can see the pics here), but I figured that the internet has had just enough photos of me wearing Lorna Jane, so I would actually put on regular person clothes at 7am, then head home for a quick change into the lycra, then drive to work. Sensible, no?

I can see quite a few future outfit posts being shot at this location… it’s doing glowy wonders for my not-so-Wintery-glowy skin!

Country Road sweater purchased last Winter (similar here) / Katies Uplifting Jeans / Country Road Brooklyn boots purchased last Winter (similar here) / FCUK scarf / Witchery beret

This is what we do when we have other things that we should be doing at 7am on weekdays. So yeah, you could say we’re committed to this blogging business.

I like to dance when I’m awkwardly posing for outfit photos. It seems to loosen the photographer up. 
All pieces my own, nothing gifted, however I’m going to be collaborating with Katies very soon for some new-season outfit posts. And without giving too much info away… there will be wine.

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  1. Darling Lauren, you are too kind!

    Thanks so much for all your lovely words on the blog and instagram, I can always count on you to make my day! xox

  2. Thank you so much – I'm loving the chance to wear Winter hats this year (also, can cut down on washing my hair every morning too)!

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