Instagram ate my photos

Instagram is my favourite social media channel, for two solid reasons.

It’s just too easy, I can just take a picture, add a mildly-amusing caption, and boom. Done. No sitting down at a computer, logging into Blogger, editing (apart from a quick caption scan for typos) or typing with both hands required. It’s just so user-friendly. 
And it’s engaging. It’s the fastest way for me to see what my besties are up to at any given moment, and I can comment on huge brands’ fashion photos and they can respond almost immediately. 
I love the beautiful little community I have on Instagram.
But right now, I’m trying not to pick up my phone and check into Instagram, because it ate over 200 of my recent posts. Posts about fun times with my friends, posts about coffee, and posts that featured gifted product or were sponsored. All goneski.

I know it’s not just me, that thousands of other people are dealing with this first world problem, but I’m praying that my Insty feed will be restored sooner rather than later.
I promise I’m trying to think positively about it (now, that is – yesterday I was ready to murder over it!), but in the meantime, there will be minimal Instagram cruising, and a lot of puppy-cuddling and coffee-sipping.
All without me taking photos of it!
Have you ever lost some of your social media and thought you’d just DIE?

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  1. Massive sad face has turned into happy face to see some of your photos have since returned, Katy! They may steal our photos but they'll never steal our memories … (said in my best Braveheart voice …)

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