Homewares favourites – I carried a watermelon?

It’s so ok to break the ‘seasonal’ rules. I mean, yeah I put a very Summery watermelon print doona cover on our bed this morning, and yes, I know Autumn is well and truly here. But whatever. We snapped up the doona cover from Target for under $20, and I am NOT waiting until December to throw a summer vibe around my bedroom again.

Target Watermelon doona cover – fruity as a Christmas cake, and on sale now
All the other styling pieces (knit cushion, orchid, frames, etc) are from Home Secret at Kawana. The books on my bedside are Watermelon by Marian Keyes (of course) and Green Sparkly Earrings by Melanie Shankle (of The Big Mama Blog).

In other homewares news, here are a few things I’ve found around the interwebs and am loving right now.

Etc and Co’s gorgeous copper candlewick trimmers come in matte black and copper, and are such a perfect gift for the woman who has everything – including designer candles!
Zanui have an awesome-sauce 50% off sale on Florence Broadhurst homewares right now –  you said 50% off WHAT? Yeah, just gimme all the Florence cushions and be done with it. #loveflorence

For the barest wall in our house – the hallway – I’m contemplating a big ol’ canvas with a simple but strong statement. This May and Belle Wander print is probably perfect, and large enough at 50x70cm to make a decent impact in a small space.

This tray from Hunting for George would suit literally every room in my home… Fruit, jewellery, candles, or I could actually use it to carry coffee and tea things, how novel!

Now, I never really got into our Adairs purchasing debacle on the blog, because my mother always told me that if I have nothing nice to write, don’t write anything at all. But I’m almost willing to forgive their poor customer service of 2014 just because some of their new stuff is fantastic. In other news, what’s the official age when you start obsessing over words like ‘microplush’ when you’re shopping for bath mats? I think I’ve hit it. 

Have you discovered anything that I HAVE TO HAVE in my house right now? And is it just me, or are there SO MANY fantastic homewares stores popping up? #ineedabiggerhouse

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