Home Secret Gift Voucher Giveaway!

Whoa. It’s April!

That means that BB and I have been living in our beautiful home for over six whole months now! Whoa!
I’ve always been a little into homewares, and enjoying fancying up my space when I was younger (hello Johnny Depp posters and hand-painted sunflower artworks!), but since owning this home, I’ve definitely been discovering more of my decorating mojo.
Fortunately, BB and I have quite similar tastes when it comes to homewares, and our home is fairly minimal and without fussy elements. (Although if someone can explain to me how I can get BB to open his mind to more cushions…? Ta.)
I’ve been fortunate enough to be invited to the Home Secret Grand Opening this Thursday on the Sunshine Coast, and ohmygosh it looks like it’ll be incredible! You guys know Trade Secret, right? Where you can get super-on-trend styles at literally a fraction of the cost? Well, Home Secret is the sister store to Trade Secret, and it’s going to be stocking decor, gift, kitchenware (hello new baking tins!), bedding and practically everything else you could imagine, and all at amazingly reduced prices!

Now for the REALLY good news. To celebrate the opening of the FIRST EVER Home Secret store, I am giving away 4 x $50 Home Secret Gift Vouchers!
Four lucky locals will win a $50 voucher each to spend instore on all manner of house pretties at Home Secret. Exciting stuff, eh?!
(That’s right, it’s the first Home Secret store to ever open, and it’s right here at Kawana on the Sunshine Coast. So if you can’t easily get to the Sunshine Coast, it’s probably not the competition for you. But I have something cool for my lovely (and by all accounts, very attractive worldwide readers soon. Promise.) Entries close midnight Monday 7th April, and winners posted here.
Now, this is my first giveaway using Rafflecopter, and I know some folks love it and others… well, don’t. Let’s just see how it goes, eh? Go on, have a go. You gotsta be in it to win it, dontcha?

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Home Secret has kindly given me these gift vouchers to give away, and has also provided me with a voucher for my own Home Secret shopping, but I like ’em so much that I’d happily spread the word for nothing!

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