Hello Autumn, hello adventure

Well, that Summer season just really whizzed by, didn’t it? I had probably one of my most relaxing Summers ever, with no real craziness, which was amazing. I think that had a lot to do with the fact that I am LOVING both my jobs, and really feel settled and content in them. Now that I’m a casual at Lorna Jane instead of management (I stepped down from management responsibility over a year ago, and hello excellent sleep quality), I worked a little less than I’m used to over Christmas and New Year, and it was grand.

A few of my favourite Summer outfits – so many dresses!

This next season should be a little busier; BB and I have some travel planned (more on that once we’re confirmed), and a few Australian holidays booked (Port Douglas and Melbourne, and even chilly Hobart) before Winter arrives to make me grumpy.

And yet again, there needs to be a wardrobe clear-out. I have struggled the past few weeks, finding my boring black shorts and pants to wear to work, and the clothes I never wear (because they don’t fit or I just don’t like them any more) seem to be multipying, taking up all possible wardrobe space. Cheeky sods. Time to turf ’em and shop smarter, I think.

So, according to fashionista-types, what’s on-trend this season? Well, let’s not look at the catwalk, because IMPRACTICAL. What are real people going to be wearing in Autumn 2016?

Here in (mostly) sunny Queensland it’s all about layering, because our autumn temperatures range from 13 to 25 degrees Celsius from March to May. We still get the odd stinking hot day, however, when the coastal breezes are a godsend!

1. Skinny Jeans

Skinny jeans will always be a favourite for me, as their streamlined silhouette allows you to layer multiple items on top for warmth – although unless you’re headed south, you really only need a tank or tee. Wear them with ballet flats and a light blazer in the day or wedge heels and a beautifully-draping silk top for a night out on the town. These go-to pants can do no wrong, and I’m literally MAD about the ASOS Curve ones.

Ridley Skinny Ankle Grazer Jeans in Mhari Wash from ASOS Curve

2. Merino sweater

Nothing says off-duty chic like a crewneck merino sweater. I only have two, but I’ve owned them for years, and they still look fantastic.

100% Merino Crewneck Top from Glassons

3. Fedora hat

A wool or felt fedora is a great way to keep your noggin toasty warm, and hide the fact that it was a little too cold to get out of bed early, so you skipped washing your hair!

Grey Marl Fedora from Sussan

4. Statement Coat

In winter your outerwear is the most important aspect of your wardrobe so why not make a statement? A bright coat will add a pop of colour to any neutral or all-black outfit – and this red stunner is going to be a Winter classic. (In related news, I’ve never had a decent wool coat, nor a coloured one before, so I’m excited!)

Aryietta Double-Breasted Wool Coat from Review

5.Knee-high Boots

Super-sexy and warm as toast – ain’t no chilly ankles here. Living on the Sunshine Coast means that I rarely have call for knee-high boots, but heading south to Victoria and Tasmania is always a great excuse to pull them out of the cupboard and dust them off. I particularly love flat riding-style knee-highs, they can be dressed down with jeans and a sweater for a casual day, or glammed up with a dress and tights in the evening.

Madeline boot by Nina Armando from The Iconic

6. Knitted Jumper Dress

The easiest way to show a little leg and stay cosy at the same time is by wearing a knitted jumper dress. For added warmth, I pop leggings or tights underneath, and a coat on top. Bonus points for finding a stripe version, folks!

Mifa Stripe Knit Dress by Selected from ASOS

7. Blanket Wrap Scarf

While I first scoffed, I’ve grown to quite like a giant scarf wrapped all around me – like a doona on couch situation, really. There are countless ways to style this, either thrown carelessly over your shoulder or wrapped around multiple times. This Surafina version is pretty perfect for any Winter outfit, and will make a mighty fine in-flight blanky too!

Milano scarf bu Surafina

8. Turtleneck Top

Once the realm of nerds like Steve Jobs and Velma from Scooby Doo, turtlenecks are actually a fashion classic. My only suggestion is to be careful if you’re big-busted, because chunky versions can make you look like a linebacker! Turtlenecks do look great with pretty much anything though, whether worn under a sleeveless dress, or simply worn alone with jeans.

9. Leather Jacket

A leather jacket is essential for every cool-girl winter wardrobe, so the jury is out if I actually need one. They add instant edge and just scream badass, so at the very least, it might be useful for late night grocery trips when I want to make it through the checkout without chit-chat. Toss a black one in classic moto-style over your jeans and tee on the weekend or grunge up a frock with a beat-up tan version.

10. Ankle Boots

Ankle boots are a perennial wardrobe staple that I jumped on slightly later than everybody else, but am playing catch-up because comfort AND style, people. I love to wear mine with dresses and skirts during the day, skinny jeans or leggings at night. Remember #leggingsarepants and #ignorethehaters.

Awesome Ankle Boot (yup, they’re really called that!) by Jo Mercer

Who else is looking at building on some pretty awesome Autumn/Winter basics this year? Anything you’ve seen that I just HAVE to have?

Also, for more super-cute AW2016 style, check out Blonde Ambition. Brooke just posted her entire shopping list for the season, and I feel like I need everything.

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4 thoughts on “Hello Autumn, hello adventure

  1. This is an awesome wish list! That stripe knit dress is calling my name and the merino knit could be VERY handy for the snow at Christmas. I love how our wardrobes are in sync … perhaps we should set up some kind of clothing/accessory library!

  2. I'll be avoiding the turtleneck with my bust but totally aiming for skinny jeans and ankle boots. I've rocked a raspberry coloured winter coat for a couple of years and I still get comments on it – it gives a definite lift on a dreary day!

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