Grey Denim Jeans – my newest wardrobe staple

A few weeks ago, I picked up a really lovely new pair of grey jeans (blogged about their first wear here), and I’m thrilled to still be enjoying finding new ways to wear them. I say still, because there are a lot of style bloggers who wear or feature something once, then retire it to the back of the closet in favour of something newer.

To them, I say ‘Good on you’. That’s not going to be how I roll here, because I buy things because I can see myself wearing them more than once (or eleventy billion times). Firstly, things should be made to last – all the good things are. And secondly, I have much better things to spend my money on than staying super current and throwing things away once you guys have seen them once – like coffee, books and bedroom furniture.(Shall share more about exciting bedroom furniture purchases down the track. You’re welcome.)

Katies Garment Dye Jeans, Piper Rib Trim silk tank, thrifted Jane Lamerton cardigan (gift from Trainee Mama), Diana Ferrari flats (similar here on sale!), Louenhide Baby Switch bag in Tangerine, Forever 21 necklaces *

These jeans will be worn until they fall apart, I swear. They’re so soft and comfy, almost like a brushed cotton drill, but with just enough stretch that they’ll never bag around the knees. Pairing them with a simple tank and cardi made them perfect for running around to an appointment and errands on my day off earlier this week, and have I told you about my Louenhide Baby Switch, my all-time favourite handbag? Of course I have. You guys have seen it so often.
Well… promise me you’ll stay tuned, because next week I’ll share the newest addition to my wardrobe, and yes, it’s a Louenhide in a colour you’ll swoon over! It arrived yesterday and already I’m considering taking the day off work today just to take it around town and show it off. (Only slightly kidding.)

*Righto, all the stuff I’m wearing above is my own; nothing gifted, sponsored, shoved on me in exchange for a pithy review. Also, you’ll be pleased to note, the poorly-lit selfies are all mine too. I swear, I would wax freaking lyrical and go on and on about it if some lovely company decided to give me a decent camera and tripod set-up. My opinion probably could be bought then.

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