Going Green

Am in LOVE with this amazing emerald chandelier from Eco Chic. In freaking LOVE.

Never mind that we don’t have a single raised ceiling in our home for a chandelier, or that I can’t imagine dusting the lights that we do have, let alone jumbo beaded ones that’ll just attract dust bunnies the size of cars… it’s just so fabulous!

Eco Chic are a lovely Australian company well-known for creating, finding and sharing homewares with a green element, and not just in colour. Both Paula and Cris run the company with passion and an eclectic stytle that showcases their interior design skills.

I know we’ve moved into what I call our ‘forever home’ (and that’s not just because I can’t bear the thought of moving again), but the next home we buy will have to have space for a way-out chandelier.

I really can’t get this emerald lighting situation out of my head now… here are a few more that I quite fancy.

Maybe I’ll satisfy my green craving with an extended Wicked playlist in the car on the way to work this morning. And then some sort of green smoothie.
PAH! As if. Almost tricked you there!

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