Fridge-to-Go Wine Cooler giveaway!

Remember how a few weeks ago, Peta and I were lucky enough to experience an awesome Sunshine Coast Wine Tour?

Well, this post was supposed to be a very close follow-up, featuring an awesome product that I have fallen in love with. But no. Things get in the way. And I was lazy. Then it was my birthday week (where I did nothing but enjoy myself and ignore blogger/writer’s guilt). And now I’m finally writing it!

This groovy little fridge-looking bag is actually just that. It’s a fridge. For wine. That you take with you wherever you need stress relief wine.
I have been gifted this very cool Fridge-to-Go and it seriously will be my number one favourite thing this Summer. Wanna know why? It’s a cooler bag that actually works.

The bag features three very slim removable freezer blocks that take up NO room in the freezer (they literally take up less room than a packet of Tim Tams – I checked), and the whole package is BPA- and PVC-free, making it ideal for storing not only drinks, but food for little ones. No chemicals are used in the freezy-panels, so there’s no chance of a dangerous leak, or weird odours leeching through to your edibles. These panels keep wine and food at a safe temperature for up to 8 hours – yay for that during the QLD Summers!
This particular size of Fridge-to-Go is designed for my good friend, the wine bottle; and I’m yet to find a bottle that doesn’t fit. (Because I rarely have magnums of Mumm laying around that need to be chilled). I have also managed to pop some cheese and dip in the bag, because cheese and dip. Obviously.
Now, thanks to the very lovely Noelle of Fridge-to-Go, I have three of these wine bottle cooler bags to give away over on my Facebook page, so click on over and get lucky!

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