Footy Fashion (Queenslander!)

So we all know that international colour authority Pantone announced Marsala as their 2015 Colour of the Year. Because that’s a thing.

Described as a naturally robust and earthy wine red, according to the executive director of the Pantone Color Institute, Marsala enriches our mind, body and soul, exuding confidence and stability.

Now I don’t know about that, because stability and confidence are not my natural jam, but I DO know that Marsala bears a very strong resemblance to my sports colour of choice… maroon. Whether you say mar-own or mar-oon, it’s the only colour to sport at football games of any code in Queensland during Winter.

If you’re not a sports-follower, feel free to click away now (I’ll provide a helpful link to cute puppy videos here, you’re welcome). But if you do like watching sportsters play sports and get interviewed about sports and talk sports in Queensland, it’s a fairly good bet that you’ve got a maroon jersey or two in your wardrobe.

Me, I have two; and I’m pretty sure BB has three. My first and forever football love will be the Queensland Maroons in State of Origin footy, but of course I support the Brisbane Broncos in the NRL competition. Neither of us can get behind the Brisbane Lions though, that’s just embarrassing.

Ok, so let’s talk jerseys. It’s so hard to wear them well, and by well, I mean cute. They’re invariably a heavy cotton, with a collar that just wont sit right; but they can be cute.

Now, my husband would probably kill me if he read this, but I firmly believe the trick to looking good in a jersey is to pick a team with a great colour. I’m talking the teals, the royal and navy blues, the maroons. Avoid barracking for a team whose colours are mustard gold or brown (sorry Hawks fans), and you’ll probably be fine. This is why my AFL team is Collingwood – everyone looks amaze in monochrome!

And for Pete’s sake, don’t dress up too much. A flat boot and a skinny-leg jean are really all that you can pull off with something as casual as a jersey; and the real footy-loving girls will always mock that sporty sister who is trying to wear a pencil miniskirt or pointy heels with her recently purchased jersey, just to impress the new boyfriend. (Although, we’ve all done it.)

QLD Maroons jersey from Rebel Sport, Katies Uplifting Slim jeans, Supersoft by Diana Ferrari Brianne boots, Louenhide Arden crossbody bag, Rimmel Oh My Gloss in Snog, Rimmel Salon Pro in Urban Purple, Saba beanie

Someone who can pull off a great footy look with a jersey and a skirt is my lovely friend Brooke of Blonde Ambition; I love the navy boots and opaque tights!

Adorable sidenote: Brooke was born on Origin night (I’m not telling how many years ago), and her father, a typical QLD publican, still managed to get to the game on time! I don’t know if she could be any more of a Queensland girl!

Here’s another photo of some seriously stylish jerseys. No, you’re not seeing double – Peta and her twin Vanessa look rather cute in their matching Maroons gear.

On Wednesday night, BB and I were fortunate enough to be guests at a corporate State of Origin viewing at the Gold Class cinemas in Chermside – can we all just take a moment to appreciate how cool it is to watch a great footy game in the comfort of a leather recliner, with delicious meals, alcohol, popcorn and choc-top icecreams brought right to you? Lush. I’ve gotta thank Suncoast Asphalt for the great night out!

I wore QLD Maroons jersey from Rebel Sport, Katies Uplifting Slim jeans, Colorado Tara boots, Louenhide Crossbody bag, Rimmel Oh My Gloss in Snog, Rimmel Salon Pro in Urban Purple

Who’s your team? And did you choose them based on their colours?

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  1. You are soo right about the maroon, I am def a Queenslander girl, but you are also sadly right about the yellow/gold. Off to the Rugby world cup in the UK later in the year and there is just no way I can pull off colour. I usually just have to drape the jersey over my shoulders along with an Aussie flag.

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