Everyday Style – the printed pants

I spent some of Monday hanging out with Peta of Trainee Mama, and I managed to get her to take a couple of quick outfit snaps for Styling You’s Everyday Style while we were cruising the Plaza looking for Winter fashion inspiration and icy-cold air conditioning.

Piper silk tank, Katies printed pants, Target wedges,
Verily beaded necklace, RayBan sunglasses

These printed pants were probably the fourth or fifth pair of cotton printed pants that I bought from Katies over Summer (and I ended up with about seven pairs – I got addicted). I snapped them up from a sale rack for under $20, and have worn them so much that I think they work out to have cost less than $1 per wear so far. That’s how I like to think. Cost per wear is so much more important than saving money on something you’ll actually never wear.

The print on these was a little too patchworky for me when I first saw them, but the next time I popped instore, I was wearing a coral tank (of course) and tried them on together. Wearing a strong colour on top certainly takes some of the boho style away from these, but wearing them with cream and white has grown on me.

And these wedges. Wow, what a bargain. These little tan and red babies were a mid-year sale purchase last Winter, and I snapped up a brown and black pair at the same time, two pairs for a little less than $45, and again, I’ve had a stack of wear out of them! Normally I prefer an all-leather shoe, but these are really well-made, and have a sturdy heel and don’t give me blisters anywhere.

Well, it’s Wednesday, which means hump-day-wine, and also (and slightly more exciting and less anti-social) it means it’s Wardrobe Wednesday over at Kimba Likes. Head over to see what everyone else is up to, and check out what the cool kids are wearing! Also, head to Not Dead Yet Style to check out more amazingly stylish women!

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0 thoughts on “Everyday Style – the printed pants

  1. Those suit you!! I have some printed pants – a Friday night drunk shopping Sportsgirl sale score – and I love them!! Not my usual thing, I prefer solid dark colours mostly, but I wear them all the time now. Husband calls them my 'magic eye' pants and swears he can see a sailboat in the pattern, but I ignore him. I think I should go drunk shopping more often!

  2. It is like we are wardrobe twins or something – I've lived in almost that exact outfit all summer – even down to the sandals – except my Raybans are Wayfarers. Great taste ladybug 😉

    Thanks for joining Wardrobe Wednesday xx

  3. What a cute, summery outfit! Lots to like … especially your adorable pants! I can see them easily with the coral top you mention, but your choice of a white one works as well, I see why you like it. Excellent wedges! They'll work hard for you all summer. You're prompting me to start thinking of how to wear my own pajama-ish pants for summer!
    Sorry I'm so late … oddly busy week!

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