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So, I’ve been playing around on Polyvore again.

It’s quite the transient timekiller for me… some weeks I can spend an hour an evening just cruising the enormous wardrobe that Polyvore presents to me, other times I can go for months without even thinking about jumping on to see what’s happening.

Polyvore is the old Pinterest. Or does that mean Pinterest is the new Polyvore? They both have their place online, I don’t think I have a favourite. Although for me, Polyvore is less aspirational (read: jealous-making), and more about how I can actually put my own items together, than cruising Pinterest and wanting to cry because I’ll never be as beautiful/thin/rich/up-myself as some of the street-style bloggers I follow. Nor will I own the complete collection of Michael Kors watches that some of those girls seem to have. I own one Michael Kors watch which doesn’t work anymore.

(Note to self: take old watch to get new battery. Life will be better then.)

Oooh, I have news! BB and I will be heading off on a Pacific cruise in May (don’t get excited, house burglars… we have a housesitter coming to stay, so you needn’t try to break in and steal my singular Michael Kors watch), and I’m really excited about it!

Excited because HOLIDAY, and also because BB and I have never been on an international holiday together, which sounds crazy now that I say it! (Do Tasmania or Fraser Island count as overseas?)

As a child, I was fortunate to live in the Solomon Islands for a while with my parents, and I have so many amazing memories of the people and the environment. This cruise isn’t heading to northern Melanesia, but we will be travelling and stopping at various islands in Vanuatu and New Caledonia, which are both famous for having incredibly welcoming locals, and divine beaches. That’s pretty much all I’m after in a holiday, so count me in.

I’ll tell you more about the cruise as it gets closer, and I’m definitely open to any and all suggestions about what to pack, what to do on board, and what to look for in a shore trip… so please, if you’ve cruised in the Pacific or anywhere, leave a comment, I’d love to hear your experiences!

As there are plenty of excuses to dress up on a cruise (um, has anyone heard of breakfast? or lunch? or quoits? I shall dress up for all of these and more!), I’m starting to put together a few inspiration outfits and have a play with what’s currently in my wardrobe. I’m determined not to buy items pre-cruise just for the cruise (unless it’s a new pair of bathers), but we’ll see how I go!

Nautical Chic in a Country Road Dress

I’m really getting into the habit of blogging about style and fashion on a Wednesday… who knew I could stick to a schedule? Joining in with Kimba for Wardrobe Wednesday today, so head over and say hi. I’ll be checking everyone’s links out over the weekend for a few new style ideas.

And don’t forget to share your cruise tips, pretty please!

0 thoughts on “Creating my style – Nautical Chic

  1. I'll have to come and find you on Polyvore. You should join my online style board challenge The Perfect LBD 52 Ways. You don't need to blog, just create a Polyvore style board and there are prizes up for grabs in April.

  2. I completely agree on your thoughts on polyvore vs. pinterest. I never got into following people on polyvore though, I mainly just use it for collages. Have fun on your trip! I love the outfit collage you put together for it.

  3. I'm actually not too keen on the cruise, but a holiday is a holiday, and I'll be making the most of every relaxation opportunity (and every cocktail opportunity too)!

  4. Thanks Cass, I know what you mean. Polyvore always seems like a weird place to follow people though, especially people who don't clip their own Polyvore images, because it's hard to get excited about something I have no chance of ever finding in real life!

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