Clutching at straws

I love a clutch, I really do.

I’m not really an obsessive handbag girl anymore, I seem to have two or three reasonably good quality bags on rotation, a very good quality laptop/work bag which gets used whenever I need to look like a grown-up, and then a whole bunch of fun clutches and wallets.
I like holding them, I like waving them around (I talk with my hands a lot), and I like the fact that I’ve found some of my faves at ridiculously low prices.

Harvey Who shift dress, Witchery coin purse, Eb&Ive and Cat Hammill bracelets

Just need somewhere to stash your lipgloss, credit card and car key? A coin purse is very satisfactory clutch, although in my experience, the smaller the clutch, the more easily it’s left behind on the table when you leave a restaurant. Just sayin’.

Seed print skirt, Target pencil case (yes, really – and it was only $3!), ring from Eumundi Markets

This is my current favourite – not least because I found it in the stationery section of Target for $3. The two zip sections are perfect for coins, credit card/licence, phone, lippie and powder, and house/work/car keys. And it’s very unlikely that you’ll spot someone at the party with the same nifty little pattern on their clutch.

Mavi jeans, Isle of Mine top, Witchery hardcase clutch (purchased in last year’s mid-season sales for $19!), Seed bracelets

This one is super-cute, and goes with every outfit. It particularly dresses up jeans and a cotton tunic. But… don’t be fooled by this hard-case style. It looks roomy, but it’s actually the hardest to fit all my bits and bobs into, and I’ve experienced the terror of dropping my ATM card and $50 note on the floor of a packed pub out of this baby. There are no zips to keep everything tucked away neatly, either. Save fiddly clasps and awkward can’t-get-it-closed scenarios for alcohol-free excursions.

French Connection tube dress, Feathers studded leather clutch, Witchery rings, Skagen watch
This is the clutch for the girl that thinks she’s got too much stuff for a clutch! So many brands do jumbo-oversized clutches, and this Feathers one is so awesome. Textured woven leather, silver studs, big ol’ wrist strap, and room for a pony.

Any awesome clutches you’ve spotted lately that I’ve missed?

I’m joining in today with Kimba of Kimba Likes for Wardrobe Wednesday. Can’t promise that I’ll do it regularly, but I’ll certainly try!

0 thoughts on “Clutching at straws

  1. Fabulous. I have a sequin clutch but I have never used it. I have two mimco coin purses one for my coins and the other for my makeup essentials. I love the Target pencil case…… a great idea.

  2. Oh, why don't you use the sequin one? Surely you take note of Carrie's words of wisdom from SATC – sequins are always a good idea! I expect to see you feature that clutch in an outfit post soon, Vicki! 😉

  3. Colette are great for clutches – because I don't use them as often as I probably should so I don't like to spend a massive amount on them. I still like the security of a giant handbag, because I forget things and a big bag has EVERYTHING in it all the time! Less thinking 🙂

  4. I really love the Witchery coin purse with the dress/skirt you are wearing – blue and coral! And also the hardcase Witchery clutch is fabulous and so versatile too!

  5. Please come and visit me more often! I am delighted to welcome you to Wardrobe Wednesday! xxx

    I'm a fan of clutches. So much so that I'm even carrying my little handbags tucked under my arm like a clutch. So easy and really, I haven't missed half the crap I used to carry around.

  6. Completely blown away by that Target pencil case – what a find! I have a few clutches (mostly purchased from Colette because they are so darn cheap and chic) and also have quite the collection of coin purses from Colette, Mimco and Witchery. You can never have too many!

  7. I do take the whole shebang wherever I go, but I generally just leave it in my car in my handbag, then carry a wee little purse instead. Knowing my other stuff is just around the corner in my car means I hardly ever need it!

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