Christmas wishlist – Sea Candy jewellery collection

I’ve got a lot of lovely friends on Instagram. Not just the random people I follow, but good ol’ proper friends, who remember my birthday and are warm and kind and real.
One of them is Sadie. Firstly, she’s the only person I’ve ever met named Sadie, and I adore her for it. She’s Welsh, and moved from one cold country to another… New Zealand. She’s is sassy and stylish, and I don’t think a fabric print has ever been designed that she couldn’t completely rock.
Sadie is a jewellery designer who actually handmakes her own pieces (instead of farming off to other skilled folk), and she does some incredible bespoke styles, so if you need something showstopping for a particular occasion, she’s your gal.

The latest collection is called Sea Candy, which makes me giggle and think of mermaids illicitly eating the sailor’s sweets. Love it. The signature piece of the collection is the Sea Candy necklace, each one is handbeaded, with over 14 hours of beading per necklace. (What the hey-ho? Who even has that kind of patience?) The Sea Candy collection also contains luxurious crystal quartz, candy coloured beads, shimmering seashells and high quality gemstones.

Shh by Sadie is stocked in selected boutiques in New Zealand, Australia, Hong Kong, UK, Portugal and the USA. To see more of Sadie’s unique designs, visit Prices range from $85 – $225.

*Not a sponsored post, nor are there any affliated links. I just adore Sadie’s work and hope that some of it finds its way under your Christmas tree.

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