Blazing into a new season

I’ve always liked blazers, I have. It’s tricky for me to find a blazer that really works for me BECAUSE CURVES but when I do, I definitely get plenty of wear out of it.

We’re heading into true Autumn wear here in Queensland now, and it’s actually delightful! Blazers and light jackets are the perfect in-between-seasons layer for me, but unfortunately, I’m currently working at a women’s activewear store in Noosa, so there is absolutely no reason for me to rock a blazer. Boo. It’s hoodies and sweatshirts all the way.

There are a bunch of beautiful lightweight jackets cruising around this season that I really love though, and wish I had the opportunity to wear!

Because I no longer really get the chance to throw on smart casual clothes, I’ve gone through my vault of outfit photos (which is Instagram obviously), and found a few styles that I still really love.

Target dress and ballet flats, Portmans blazer

Gap slouchy blazer (found in BRILLIANT op-shop in Hervey Bay for $3 – still my best thrifting moment ever), Emerson jeans and tank, Sussan scarf

Country Road blazer, Emerson tank, Mavi jeans, Sussan scarf

French Connection maxidress, Portmans blazer

Basque dress, Portmans blazer, Country Road flats

See, I used to wear blazers all the time!

(Someone wanna hire me in an education-admin role and take me out of retail? I miss my old wardrobe so much!)

I’m joining in today with Kimba Likes Wardrobe Wednesday, of course!

0 thoughts on “Blazing into a new season

  1. I must be like you, I've found it hard to find a blazer that actually looks good on me – those damn killer curves! I did pick up a nude one though from Ally for only $15 on the sale racks, that I think will be getting a bit of a workout as the weather cools …

  2. I do love a good blazer and I guess I'm lucky – I get to wear one often. You look fab in a blazer and I hope there are many more blazer wearing days ahead of you (and can I say the word blazer one more time?!)

  3. I love blazers! I am obsessed with them. I've lost count of how many I own. You have a great collection and you've styled them perfectly. Such a shame to let them go to waste, I hope you get a chance to wear more in the future. x

  4. I no longer have an office role either so I wear my blazers and jackets where I'd usually wear a cardigan or hoodie. Makes you feel so much more pulled together. Love Cheaty McCheat fashion tricks!

    Thanks for joining Wardrobe Wednesday XX

  5. I've ditched my cardis and love rocking my blazers (fortunately i work part-time in a cbd office so i can). I'm in no way corporate but blazers have everyone fooled. Looking good hun x

  6. I wear mine to the playground now – love how they instantly make an outfit from simple jeans and tee. Thanks for reminding me to find some good bargain blazers this season can never have enough x K

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