Another stripe dress – Surafina Sportif Grey Stripe

At least once a week, I find myself reaching for a striped t-shirt dress. I’m starting to amass a little collection of them and I have no issues with the fact that most of my friends now know that I’m likely to turn up anywhere wearing one. I even shared my love in this post.

My latest one started as a ‘Here, borrow this’ dress from Trainee Mama who was heavily pregnant with her twins and wasn’t getting any wear from it; and now it’s a ‘No chance am I returning this to you, I love it so much!’ dress. (Maybe I’ll buy her a replacement. maybe not.)

This is the perfect piece to throw on and head out the door in a hurry, but it’d also be on my list to take on holidays to dress up and down easily. Surafina has a few sizes left online in the grey stripe… hop to it!

The current AW Sportif styles are black with white stripe, and an alternate white with black stripe – choosing is too hard, so I recommend both! But you don’t need any convincing from me, do you?

Would it be rude of me to ask how many stripe dresses you have? (Just to make me feel better?!)

*Dress gifted in the sense that I borrowed it from my bestie and am not returning it in a hurry.

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  1. My current stripe dress collection is 2 but I have reluctantly passed on a few that were trashed so I need to update. I don't have any tee style anymore and this is something that needs to be rectified!

  2. I have more striped t shirts than dresses and it's got to the stage where at the shops if I'm passing any striped clothing with my daughter, she will say to me "you'd like that mum! Are you going to get that top?"

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