The Bachelor Recap, episode 13 and Elora is as Blunt as a hammer

This episode has a VERY speedy feel to it, with fewer throws to camera and group chats between the women, waiting for something to happen. Straight away, all the women are on the evening’s first group date, which is all about self awareness, and fittingly they’re all competing to win a date with Matty to go watch the most self aware man on Twitter, James Blunt. (Seriously, even if you don’t like his music, follow him. He’s a salty delight.) Let’s not forget, it’s in the Nova Red Room. In case you were wonderful which radio station will be getting the Bachelor exclusives.

Matty asks some questions based on how the girls like to think of themselves, and the ladies rank themselves.

Who is the funniest (in order): Tara, Florence, Elise, Cobie,  Laura, Elora
Who is the most down to earth – Elise and Elora battle it out for top spot, as the girls remind Elora that being a spiritual sage-burning hippie doesn’t make you down to earth.
Adventurous – again, Elora refuses to budge for Florence in the top spot.
Positive – Cobie is given this honour, with no questions asked.
Honest – Florence jumps straight to the top, for her no-holds-barred attitude.
Considerate – Elora refused to even state her case, which ironically meant that Laura and Florence considerately moved down a step to be lower on the compromise ladder.

With Laura and Tara out after this round, the remaining four ladies have to go through a list of deal breakers and choose the relationship deal breakers most important to themselves, to match to Matty’s top five deal breakers, which are:
Not wanting to have children
Bad manners

With a draw between Elora, Elise and Florence, Matty announces his tie-breaker deal dreaker – being incompatible in the bedroom.  Florence is out, and both Elora and Elise move through to the next round, where they need to write declarations of what they’re after in a relationship and read them out to Matty in a mock wedding ceremony room, with the remaining girls watching on from the Bachelor mansion.

Elise’s heartfelt wishlist is moving and honest, and she shares about her desire for a family man, a best friend, and a partner to walk in life with. The ladies watching on are moved as well, and it’s a stark contrast to Elora’s very intense and confident vows, all about spice and passion and being lovers. She’s got one thing on her mind, for sure.

Matty really connects with Elise’s sweet declaration, and invites her to the special Blunty concert, but first they enjoy a chat about vulnerability, and Matty has the upcoming hometown dates on his mind. Having already met and enjoyed time with Elise’s dad, Matty obviously wants to get in on their Mexican Christmas dress-up parties.

James comes in and turns out that Matty and James are on first name terms, which sounds as awkward as it looks. Matty and Elise kiss and sweet James sneaks off to leave them alone to pash, in a room full of musicians and cameramen and lighting techs and producers. But the gesture is nice, so there’s that.

For the episode’s single date, Matty really wants to get to know Cobie more intimately and move past the friend-zone, so he invites her to join him on a high ropes course. What? She’s scared of heights, which of course Matty and the producers didn’t know when they planned this date.

Even though she’s obviously nervous, Cobie doesn’t fall into the frightened squealing and ‘I’m so scared’ trap rubbish that so many Bachelor contestants thrown into a safety harness have succumbed to, and she and Matty climb down from the trees to enjoy a fruit platter and cider together. As she’s previously shared, Cobie expresses that she’s terrified of falling for Matty. A producer just off screen prompts her to open up and declare her intentions, just before Matty lets her down gently.

Poor Cobie, she doesnt see it coming, and Matty lets her know that he just doesn’t feel a spark between them. Cobie leaves upset but certainly doesn’t embarrass herself by begging or blubbering. Atta girl. (It’s how the girls leave that really gains my respect.)

As the girls wait (reclining glamorously) for Matty and Cobie to return, Osher arrives to let them know that Matty has sent her home directly from their date.

Elora expresses shock and sadness about the Cobie situation (which actually is a big fat lie, she’s delighted), and the rest of the ladies are speechless, especially when they hear that there will be no cocktail party and the rose ceremony will take place imminently.

Who receives roses:

Elise, Tara, Laura and Florence

Who goes home:

Elora. And my word, the goodbyes are more dramatic than previous weeks. Matty wisely uses the ‘I want you to be free’ excuse, which I’m guessing most midriff-baring, abrasive, Tahitian fire-twirlers have been on the receiving end of before, and which is also probably code for ‘you’re not really the kind of girl I could take home to meet my family’.

(Also, Tara whispers to Elora just after he picks Florence, ‘It’s ok’, which delights all of the internet. Is that a withering glance we see there, Tara?)

Style pick:

It’s such a shame that the rose ceremony is so short and sweet, most of the girls really look smokin’ hot tonight. Tara’s lace Asilio jumpsuit definitely deserves more airtime!

Rumour mill: The internet has been abuzz all week with production-leaked gossip that Matty and Elora DID spend the evening together in the eco-cabin on their second date together, which certainly makes this episode more interesting. It would also explain why Elora was so shocked that Matty wouldn’t kiss her at last week’s cocktail party!

Thoughts on Elora and her departure?


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