Blink! the Eyelash Expert – Sunshine Coast lash extension review

Ok, so I know I’ve said before that I’m a pretty casual no-makeup kind of girl… but I still love being pampered. I think it’s super important to spend time on yourself and do what makes you feel beautiful.

I have previously had lash extensions, but whilst I loved the dramatic look of them on the day they were applied, they very quickly began to fall out, taking my natural lashes with them. I had been thinking about getting lash extensions again recently, but was nervous, and not sure I could deal with the patchiness and spidery look between appointments. Then I spotted my friend and fellow Sunshine Coast blogger Natalie Tink (AKA Miss Monogram) looking fresh as a daisy with gorgeous long natural-looking lashes, and she gushed about Janice of Blink! the Eyelash Expert*!

Natural-looking Blink lashes

Fate was kind, and Janice actually reached out to me to ask if I’d like to try a set of her lashes, and I agreed… with a little trepidation. Janice works out of Soul Ocean Spa at Ramada Marcoola (the ol’ Surfair for longtime Coasties) and a skin clinic in Mooloolaba, as well as being mobile. That’s right, she can COME TO YOUR HOUSE!

Because I am a sucker for a day spa visit, I trotted along to Soul Ocean Spa which is only 5 minutes from my place, and immediately felt right at home – this place is a hidden treasure on the Sunshine Coast! With plenty of lush plants and gorgeous tropical decor, it’s a stunning spot to get pampered.

Janice asked me to be open and honest about what I wanted from my lashes, and since I am pretty minimal with makeup, I wanted them to look very natural and nothing too dramatic. I also wanted to make sure they wouldn’t look clumpy or spidery  at all! After a quick chat, it was time for a nap. Seriously… I have fallen asleep within 5 minutes of every appointment, as it’s just so relaxing!

The results:

Makeup free and fresh with Blink! lash extensions

I feel so much more confident even when I’m not wearing makeup. I can just run out the door and run my errands without really having to worry about putting on makeup since the lashes make my eyes look brighter and fresher – and there’s no mascara residue casting a shadow under my eyes.

Makeup free and fresh with Blink! lash extensions

With all that said, I am SO happy with my experience with Janice from Blink! the Eyelash Expert, she really is an expert. Janice has really customised my lashes to my face and lifestyle, and certainly won’t apply lashes that are too long and heavy that would damage my natural ones. I will share a ‘how to look after your lashes’ post shortly, and can tell you that it’s super-simple really. Just keep ’em dry after application and a few brushes a day!

Straight out of the pool, makeup free and needing a gentle brush through. (Clearly it’s time for me to work on my brows now my lashes are sorted!)

Don’t just take it from me, all of Blink! the Eyelash Extension’s reviews are outstanding and I can see why! If you’re looking for a freshen up for Summer – I love that I can swim makeup-free and not look like a panda – then contact Janice and let her know I sent you, for an exclusive discount on your first appointment!

Phone: 0477 460 603

*Sponsored post – I am delighted to now be a brand ambassador for Blink!, and of course only support businesses I love.

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  1. Wow!! They look great. Sometimes extensions can be a little overwhelming, but these are perfection. And pffft, your brows look pretty darn great to me.

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