Lunabella sleepwear styles make for the perfect pyjama day!

Lunabella Ohana Nightie*

I (and many other people on the Sunshine Coast) were sent home early today due to ex-Tropical Cyclone Debbie, and I found out earlier that we also have a rain day tomorrow.  Let me tell you that I for one am delighted that we’ll have a long weekend (and for school students and teachers, a longer than usual Easter holiday). This particular ten-week term has REALLY been a struggle.

Of course the reality of a severe storm advisory in Queensland means that we could be flooded in, or we could get gale force winds, or we might just get a light smattering of rain.  Who would know? Definitely not the weather bureau. Regardless, I’m grateful that I’ve been given full permission to enjoy a pyjama day to relax and put my feet up and pretend that there won’t be a mountain of postponed work to come back to in two weeks time.

In case you’re concerned about my nutritional well-being during this weather event, please know that in the Potaty household we don’t feel the need to run out and buy ALL THE THINGS when a storm threatens, because my husband already has a canned goods inventory for possible survival situations.  No way we’ll run the risk of being stuck in our car with the river rising around us like some of those poor fools I’ve seen on the news this evening.

So as I was saying, tomorrow is going to be a pyjama day, which means that you will find me wearing some of my latest Lunabella pieces. Honestly, there’s no cuter sleepwear available at the moment, I’m sure of it!

I was fortunate enough to be sent two gorgeous Lunabella sleepwear styles at the start of Summer, and there’s rarely been a night since where I haven’t slipped into the beautiful soft cotton of either of them. The first – my favourite nightie ever – is the Ohana pineapple print nightie, and hello, it has POCKETS. The Palm Springs Sleep Shorts are cute enough to wear out, and confession… they’ve enjoyed a trip to the local supermarket more than once.

Lunabella Ohana Nightie* for the perfect pyjama day
Lunabella Ohana Nightie*
Lunabella Palm Springs Sleep Shorts* for the perfect pyjama day
Lunabella Palm Springs Sleep Shorts*

At the start of the new AW season, the Lunabella team launched a few more of their coastal prints, and I am now the very happy owner of the South Beach Sleep Camisole, in the sweetest flamingo print you ever did see; and a fabulously tropical banana-leaf set of the St Lucia Sleep Camisole and Sleep Pants – I look like I could just disappear into a Martinique-print wallpaper heaven!

Lunabella St Lucia Sleep Camisole and Sleep Pants for the perfect pyjama day
Lunabella St Lucia Sleep Camisole and Sleep Pants
Lunabella St Lucia Sleep Camisole and Sleep Pants for the perfect pyjama day
Lunabella St Lucia Sleep Camisole and Sleep Pants

It’s going to be a slower start to my school holidays than I expected, not least because we’ll be cooped up in the house until the wet weather disappears. Here’s hoping the next two weeks will be filled with hopefully warm weather before the hideousness of Winter sets in, cycling around the Coast searching for more new cafes to try, eating out when BB is home from work, staying up way too late binging on Riverdale and Friday Night Lights, and a glorious amount of sleeping in.

You can bet that I’ll try to do each of the above things at least once while wearing some sort of cute Lunabella sleepwear, right?!

Anyone got BIG school holiday plans? Or just chilling in your pyjamas at the local IGA like me?

*Kindly gifted, and only shared here because I love it!

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