Behind the Door earrings really make a statement!

Behind the Door Signature Glass Stud Earrings

I’ve harped on recently about the statement earring trend that I love so much,  but you can’t exactly have giant chandeliers flanking your face every single day. I like to give my lobes a rest with studs I can wear daily, but are anything but minimal! These Behind the Door Signature Glass Studs are cute enough to elicit compliments from fashion-forward teens at work, are sparkly enough to flatlay like a boss, and light enough that I can wear them all day long!

Because I like to know the ‘why’ behind small creative businesses (I think anyone taking that step into running their own business is crazy-brave!), I asked the lovely Ali Beer Smith, creative director of Behind the Door a few questions about BTD and her busy life – she has a ‘day-job’ as well as managing her growing business!

Behind the Door Signature Glass Stud Earrings

What do you do? What do you make/sell? Behind the Door is a one-woman run small business, based in Woodcroft, South Australia. At BTD, you will find handcrafted and affordable jewellery and accessories for the colourful at heart. One of the main reasons Behind the Door was born, was because I couldn’t source or locate good quality stud earrings at an affordable price that didn’t irritate my ears. Behind the Door is now known for exactly that – our Signature Glass Stud Earrings that are affordable, easy to wear for those busy mums and hustling babes. Each piece is meticulously handmade with love using a variety of materials and settings, sourced both locally and within Australia. Since the virtual doors opened in 2015, Behind the Door now frequents the market scene within Adelaide throughout the warmer months of the year.

Why and how did you sell your first product? The first product that I ever sold under the Behind the Door label was a paid of Lady Marmalade Glass Stud Earrings in a stainless steel setting. She was so excited to buy a piece of my jewellery, and was boasting about it to all of her friends.

Behind the Door Signature Glass Stud Earrings

Who was your key support during the fledgling stage of Behind the Door?
My huz, Wade! What a gem he is. Also my Mama, she even invested in Behind the Door in the very early stages which allowed me to buy packaging to send my pieces out.

How do you manage your time well? Some times I feel like I’m drowning, sometimes I feel like I am slaying at the #hustle! I’ve recently just listed to a Mums with Hustle podcast about this very thing. What I took away from the podcast was to identify 4 main non-negotiable priorities for each week. These are family and friends time, dedicate time to Behind the Door, look after myself by eating well and going to the gym, and be able to give myself 100% to my 9am-5pm job. I know that sounds like so much but a way that I manage my time is to decide what non-negotiables I will do each day. My typical day starts out of getting up and head to the gym or take the dog for a walk. I’m always on my way to my 9-5 job at 7.45am. I like to think I slay that, and then head off home for the day. When I get home, I like to play with the animals for a few minutes and then kick into hustle mode! On a side note, I am a FIFO wife. My husband works away for 4 weeks at a time, and then is home for 1 week. When he is home, family time takes priority of my non-negotiables. When he is away at work, it’s a mix of all four! It’s not uncommon to still find me hustling in the work shop at 1am, however that started to affect my 9-5 job so I had to reassess my routine. I hadan ah-ha moment back in December last year – it is really important to look after myself and take time out for me, so I can give more! If I’m not in the workshop or at my day-job, I’m either out in the garden, playing with my dog and two cats, cooking or soaking in the tub with a fab bath bomb!

If you could have given yourself a piece of knowledge or advice when you started what would that be? Try and shake the guilt of doing what you love and take time out for you!

Behind the Door Signature Glass Stud Earrings

Which opportunities should you have followed? I applied for a very well known market in 2016 that I was accepted for.. I then decided against it because it was such a big investment. I doubted my performance and products, and I wish I didn’t. Behind the Door ROCKS!

How do you conquer any moments of doubt that threaten to stop your great ideas? What pushes you through? It’s the self doubt and self criticism that catches you out.. a lot of the time! In these moments, I think back to why Behind the Door exists first and foremost. I then think of all the fabulous feedback I have received from so many happy customers all over the world.

Behind the Door Signature Glass Stud Earrings

Righto, time for some fun stuff…

What is your ‘uniform’? What do you wear more often than anything else? In my day-job, it’s smart casual – think black, black, black… you get me? It’s hard when I have such a colourful heart! In the workshop and beyond, I love a fabulous Gorman piece! I will always have a handmade piece on, whether that’s something I have made, or that of another biz babe!

What is your favourite thing to wear to make you happy? COLOUR!

Thanks so much Ali, just hearing about your passion and your juggle makes me want to support small creative businesses even more!

Behind the Door Signature Glass Stud Earrings

*I was kindly gifted a few BTD pieces. As always, if I don’t love it, I won’t share it.

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  1. Great blog…… well done in achieving good results from your hard work and creative talent… Ali I will contact you to purchase a few more earrings to add to my collection….. keep up the good work?

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